Say NO THANKS to Scottish Independence

With just 11 days left until one of the most historical moments in UK history, it’s time to step up our game and vote no in the upcoming referendum.

Say NO THANKS to a currency mix-up, uncertainty about the iconic Union Jack and a broken, isolated Scotland. If you vote yes in the referendum, there is no going back. Scotland will be a separate country forever, permantly. And if it is a shambles, you will only get the likes of Alistair Darling and David Cameron saying ‘We Told You So’. This issue is one thing that Darling and Cameron are correct on, and there are not many.

At the moment we take all the great features of the successful United Kingdom for granted – because we use these everyday. There are hundreds upon hundreds of British institutions that operate throughout the UK – including Scotland – and these will be taken away if Scotland votes yes.

So, what would you rather do? Keep the safety, security and certainty of the current United Kingdom, or throw all of that away and live with the insecurity and uncertainty of a Scotland that is isolated with little significance in the world.

The only way to continue being secure is to vote No in the Scottish independence referendum.



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