5 Beautiful and Secluded Places in Ethiopia to Visit

5.The Simien Mountain National Park (North
Gondar Zone)

The Simien mountain is one of
the major highlands of Africa,
rising to the highest point in
Ethiopia, Ras Dejen (4620m),
which is the fourth highest peak
in the continent. Although Simien
is in Africa and not too far from
the equator, snow and ice
appear on the highest points and
night temperatures often fall
below zero.
The national park has three
general botanical regions. The
higher lands are mountain
grasslands with fescue grasses
as well as heathers, splendid Red
Hot Pokers and Giant Lobelia. The
park was created primarily to
protect the Walia Ibex, and over
1000 are said to live in the park.
Also in the park are families of
the unique Gelada Baboon with
its scarlet ‘bleeding heart on its
chest,’ and the rare Simien fox.
The Simien fox, although named
after the mountains is rarely seen
by the visitor. Over 50 species of
birds have been reported in the
Simien mountains.
Access to the park is from
Debark, 101km from Gonder,
where riding and pack animals
may be hired. This should be
arranged in advance through
your local tour operator or the
Office of the Wildlife Conservation

  1. the rock hewn churchs of lalibela

3.3. The Castles of Gondar
and other monuments

Gondar is famous for its many
medieval castles and the design
and decoration of its churches.
The earliest of the castles was
created by Fasilidas himself and
is still in such an excellent state
of repair that it is possible to
climb its stats all the way to the
roof, which commands a
breathtaking view over much of
the city.

  1. Awash Lower Valley
    palaeontological and
    prehistoric sites

  2. Axum historical and
    archaeological sites,
    central Tigray




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