ETH-the blue nile or Abay river

The blue Nile is a river
originating at Lake Tana in
With the White Nile,
the river is one of the two
major tributaries of the Nile.
The upper reaches of the river
is called the Abbay in Ethiopia,
where it is considered holy by
many, and is believed to be the
River Gihon mentioned as
flowing out of the Garden of
Eden in Genesis 2.

According to materials
published by the Ethiopian
Central Statistical Agency, the
Blue Nile has a total length of
1,450 kilometres (900 mi), of
which 800 km (500 mi) are
inside Ethiopia.The Blue Nile
flows generally south from
Lake Tana and then west
across Ethiopia and northwest
into Sudan. Within 30
kilometres (19 mi) of its source
at Lake Tana, the river enters a
canyon about 400 kilometres
(250 mi) long. This gorge is a
tremendous obstacle for travel
and communication from the
north half of Ethiopia to the
southern half. The power of the
Blue Nile may best be
appreciated at Tis Issat Falls,
which are 45 metres (148 ft)
high, located about 40
kilometres (25 mi) downstream
of Lake Tana.

In November 2012, Ethiopia
began a six-year project for the
construction of a 6,000
megawatt hydroelectric dam
on the river. Despite the dam
being a huge boost for the
Ethiopian economy, Sudanese
and Egyptian contingents
voiced their concern over a
potential reduction in water
available to them.


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