UK: No-Vote for Scottish Independence Retains Strong Majority – No 57% | Yes 43%

The latest YouGov poll, one month before the referendum takes place, shows that support for independence has risen slightly although support for the union still holds a percentage well over half.

This shows that Alex Salmond, leader of the SNP and First Minister of the Scottish Executive is still struggling to convince the Scottish public that Scotland would be better off outside of the United Kingdom.

The poll comes after it was revealed that many women saw the First Minister as arrogant, ambitious and dishonest, while there is still uncertainty in how an independent Scotland would be led. Salmond doesn’t even know what currency an independent Scotland would use and insists that he can ‘share’ the British pound sterling with the United Kingdom he wants to leave behind. The Government of the United Kingdom refuses this ‘currency union’, with all three of the major parties against it. Furthermore, there are still issues such as the NHS, the BBC and border controls still waiting to be answered.

Alex Salmond has also been dismissed by the Prime Minister, David Cameron, as a desperate man, making a desperate argument. Things aren’t going too well for this failed campaigner, especially as the referendum date inches ever closer. Meanwhile, Alastair Darling, the leader of Better Together, an organisation that opposes independence and believes that Scotland has the ‘best of both worlds’, has an excellent track record so far. He believes that Scotland is already in the best possible situation and has been for over 300 years, so everyone just takes it for granted.


One thought on “UK: No-Vote for Scottish Independence Retains Strong Majority – No 57% | Yes 43%

  1. YouGov polls in the run up to the Scottish independence referendum have been discredited by almost everyone. They have even attracted critical letters from other polling companies stating that their polls bring polling into disrepute.

    The problem lies with the President of YouGov, Peter Kellner. A staunch Labour supporter – and married to Labour’s Baroness Ashton – he implicitly feels that the strong Yes vote his pollsters return is wrong. He therefore massages the Yes figures down by what is known as the ‘Kellner Correction’ to achieve what he regards as a suitable result.

    The fact that such a No-friendly pollster is now showing 43% Yes (using the Kellner Correction) is a major boost to the Yes campaign.

    And It is even better that for Yes. With voter registration sky high and voter turnout for the referendum expected to be over 80% there will be a ‘missing million’ voting who rarely – or never – vote. These are the people in housing schemes throughout Scotland that the pollsters cannot pick up on. RIC mass canvassing of these areas show around a 2/3 Yes vote. That will undoubtedly secure a substantial Yes victory.

    Add to that the differential turnout between Yes and No voters; Yes supporters being around 10% more likely to actually vote – and you begin to realise that even these polling numbers don’t give a true picture of the result on the 18th Sept.

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