It’s Time for a UK National Football Team

With England’s miserable failure so early on in the FIFA World Cup 2014, losing to Italy and Uruguay as well as a draw with Costa Rica which placed England at the bottom of their group, things will not get better unless a radical restructure of British football is undertaken.

Conservative MP for Tewkesbury and Shadow Minister for Northern Ireland, Laurence Robertson, has called for a united UK national football team. He believes that this will be the best move to help improve the chances of success at future international contests. However, SNP MP for Perth and North Perthshire, Pete Wishaw disagrees.

“this House notes with regret England’s early exit from the 2014 World Cup; recalls that England has not won the World Cup since 1966; further notes that on three occasions since 1966 England has failed to qualify for the World Cup Finals at all, that Scotland has only qualified for eight World Cup Finals out of a total of 20, that Northern Ireland has only qualified for three and Wales has only qualified for one in 1958; believes that fielding four teams from the UK reduces the chances of success and has denied World Cup opportunities to outstanding British players; observes that no other nation fields more than one national team; and calls on the football authorities in each of the home countries to come together and form one national football team covering the UK.”Laurence Robertson MP (House of Commons EDM)

The United Kingdom is the largest country in the world that is not a FIFA member and has never participated in the FIFA World Cup. Also the UK is lagging behind other former countries that have changed constitutionally, such as the Soviet Union, West Germany and Yugoslavia. They changed their national football teams in line with their current name. The United Kingdom hasn’t. England was the only participant in the World Cup that officially has no government and is not actually an internationally recognised country. England also has no official national anthem, so what did they do? They stole the UK national anthem that is supposed to equally belong to each of the nations of the United Kingdom.

There is a growing concern about the England football team and whether it would actually qualify for future tournaments, being only marginally better than Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, who last competed in the FIFA World Cup in 1998, 1958 and 1986 respectively.

Having a united football team for all four home nations would give the country a much better chance of succeeding in the World Cup, as world-class players such as Wales’ and Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale who is the world’s most expensive footballer has never competed in the tournament. A UK-wide football team would give us a much better chance in international tournaments and will represent a country that is united in football, rather than being rivals within our own country. People reading this who live in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland probably get really annoyed when they hear people on British television supporting England at the World Cup, when these programmes are designed for people of the whole of the UK to watch. It just drives people to believe in separating our kingdom, because they have no one to support but all they hear about is England, England, England. Let’s face it, to be frank, England will never repeat the success of 1966 and the UK’s other home nations have a low chance of even qualifying for the tournament. With a United Kingdom football team, we have a much higher chance of succeeding and possibly winning the World Cup with a strong team that the UK would have if it were united in football. We have a Great Britain and Northern Ireland Olympic team, so why can’t we have one for football?


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