UK: Scottish Independence Would Not Work

As the Scottish independence debate goes on, the number of problems arising are continuing to increase, while there are many decisions that haven’t even been made yet – which will cause on-the-spot decisions on the day of the referendum. The decision by the SNP to hold a referendum in the first place was simply not properly thought out.


Firstly, if Scotland becomes independent, it will ruin the iconic Union Jack, that is recognised around the world. The blue background of the flag represents Scotland, while the red cross represents England (and Wales), and the red saltire represents Ireland (now Northern Ireland). If independence does happen, the iconic Union Jack will have to be changed, leaving just a plain, unrecognisable ordinary flag. The Union Jack is what many Brits are proud of – this will be completely changed, so instead of a Briton waving the Union Jack, they will be waving an unnamed empty looking flag. Furthermore, not just the UK flag would have to be changed, but also the flags of countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and more, as well as British Territories such as the Falkland Islands, Bermuda, and the British Virgin Islands, along with lots more. Also, on this topic, who will control these territories and dependencies?

What will the new United Kingdom without Scotland be called? The official name of the UK is currently the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, but since Great Britain is an island comprised of England, Scotland, and Wales, this will have to be changed to something like, the United Kingdom of England, Wales, and Northern Ireland – which sounds totally ridiculous and will probably be the longest official name of any country in the world.

Scottish independence will spark other parts of the United Kingdom to break away. If Scotland becomes independent, this may cause locations such as Northern Ireland to also become independent, or even Cornwall. This would just leave England and Wales, taking us back to the mediaeval times. The UK has been a solid union for around three hundred years – leaving us with a solid country that is comprised of four nations, each with historical and economic ties. Ireland left just at the right time in 1922, but for Scotland, it is too late.

It was announced today that it would be impossible for Scotland to be part of the European Union. This is because an independent country coming out of an existing EU member has never happened before. When Ireland became independent, the EU didn’t exist – so if Alex Salmond thinks that he is going to take Scotland in the same direction as Ireland, then he is wrong. This would be a disaster for an independent Scotland, that won’t be able to manage on its own, as an isolated tiny country with no resources and hardly any economic worth to speak of. When Scotland was last independent – before 1707 – it was considered a major country of the world, however that was before the independence of the United States, the biggest power of the world and it was before the rise of the likes of China, India, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, and so on. Scotland simply wouldn’t be able to survive out there on its own. The UK was designed so that it comprised of four distinct countries, with cultures and identities of their own, however, they all have a unified culture and identity, as well as all relying on each other – it would be worse for Scotland than for the UK if Scotland became independent, the remaining part of the UK will be able to survive; Scotland won’t. If Scotland votes for independence, it’s economy will always be backed by the rest of the UK, meaning that it would never be fully independent.

What about the currency of Scotland? A currency union with the rest of the UK is most likely not to work, with both the Bank of England Governor Mark Carney and Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osbourne against the ridiculous idea. It wouldn’t be able to use the Euro either – because it will be almost impossible for Scotland to join the EU. So what other options does Scotland have? None. The only possible option is to develop a new currency – which would be incredibly difficult to do.

To summarise, I believe that independence would be suicide for Scotland and that it would simply not be able to survive out there as an independent country. Does Alex Salmond really think that Scotland can compete with other countries of the world today? We do not want the British Isles to just be full of lots of tiny independent countries – that is not the way forward.


5 thoughts on “UK: Scottish Independence Would Not Work

  1. I couldn’t agree more with this article. It highlights all the truths about the independence of Scotland and how well unthought out it is. It just simply won’t work. Great article!

  2. I did not realise that this website was for political comment. So i humbly suggest you get someone in to write an article giving the opposition point of view to yours . It is called democracy.

    1. Hi, as there are not many active authors on this site, I have no one available to give on opposing point of view. If you wanted to get your point of view across, would you mind creating your own article on this site? Thank you.

  3. YAAAAASSSS! Scotland obviously wouldn’t survive as an independent country, and even if it did things wouldn’t be the same without it being a part of the U.K. 😊 We need you, Scotland! Please stay! 💙 😚

  4. I would like to see this happen, anyone watched braveheart?… just saying, they may go back to living kind of like that. Even though the vote to leave would never win. Great article by the way!

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