UK: Vernon Kay Dwarfed by a 15-Year-Old Boy

On the latest episode of All-Star Family Fortunes, which was between Natalie Anderson and Sir Steve Redgrave, Vernon Kay, the presenter who is tall at 6ft 4, looked short for the first time as he stood next to Steve Redgrave’s 15-year-old son, Zak Redgrave. Now, if you thought Vernon Kay was tall, take a look at Zak! He is a mighty 6ft 5, and although only an inch taller, towered above Vernon Kay, who kept imitating Zak’s exceptionally deep voice, which actually sounded close to a heavy smoker’s voice. In a survey, 76% of people thought he was 21-30 years old, while a mere 18% thought he was 11-20, and 0% thought he was under 10. The remaining 6% thought he was 31-40 – over double his real age!

Here are some images, courtesy of ITV:

Vernon Kay shocked as Zak Redgrave reveals his height.20140211-161656.jpg

Zak Redgrave smiles as the whole audience can’t believe that he is 6ft 5 at only 15 years old.20140211-161702.jpg

Zak reaches out his long arm for a handshake with Debbie. Zak’s hand is massive compared to Debbie’s and Vernon’s.20140211-161718.jpg

Vernon smiles and stretches out his own hands to compare with Zak’s.20140211-161725.jpg

Zak is shown to be much taller than Vernon. Just imagine how short Debbie must be feeling right now.20140211-161730.jpg

Zak continues to tower over the former model.20140211-161735.jpg

Vernon Kay talks to Zak about attracting women.20140211-161740.jpg

Vernon still can’t believe his height.20140211-161744.jpg

Zak leans on the desk, where you can see how long his arm is.20140211-161751.jpg

This is where the Zak really looks like he towers over Vernon.20140211-161757.jpg


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