World: 5 Most Dangerous Cities

1. San Pedro Sula – Honduras

It takes first place as the crime
rate was established at 169
deaths at 100.000 inhabitants.
Despite the touristic attractions,
Honduras is a dangerous country
and San Pedro Sula is not
something we’d visit without the
Terminator (Arnie’s version to be
exact) to tag along.

2. Ciudad Huarez – Mexico

It is not a myth in Hollywood
movies that Mexico is that type of
country you should visit only if
you have a weapons’ permit and
some shooting skills. Full of
cultural attractions, with a history
and surrounding legends that
appeal to everybody, Mexico
loses a lot of attention and
potential touristic development
due to the violence it is
characterized by. Ciudad Huarez
isn’t the first time when makes
the top ten list of the most
dangerous cities in the world, as
drug traffic and gang wars are
current news.

3. Maceio, Brazil

Many years, Rio de Janeiro bared
the stigmata of danger, crime
and unthinkable violence,
together with Buenos Aires even.
Did you happen to see the
famous and most disturbing
movie Citade de Deus? Did you
hear about the Brazilian favelas?
Well, Maceio seems to be the
peak of them all, as it hit the list
with proven facts that people
actually contract paid killers to
solve some of their business.

4. Acapulco, Mexico
Don’t get us wrong, the beaches
in Acapulco still make the top
touristic destinations in the
world. The paradox is that
despite the beauty, the fame and
the world-renown publicity
Acapulco benefits of, it is still one
of the most dangerous cities in
the world, statistics showing an
incredible crime rate of 128
victims in 100.000 inhabitants.

5. Sharm el Sheikh
You can find there not only ones
of the most spectacular
landscapes in the world, tourist
luxury services that redefine the
concept of luxury, vacation offers
that attract millions of people,
but also, and unfortunately this is
the truth, armed attacks, broad
daylight street robberies, assault
and rape. It is indeed a shame, as
this corner of Heaven is still
considered one of the best
outcomes of nature and man


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