Cardiff  – the capital and largest city of the principality of Wales, in western UK. It has seen a huge growth in population within the last century, because of its world-class port, obtained city status in 1905, became the capital in 1955, and since the 1990s, Cardiff has seen significant development, after the demise of the industrial port at Cardiff Bay.

Caerdydd – y brifddinas a’r mwyaf o dywysogaeth Cymru, yng ngorllewin y DU. Mae wedi gweld twf aruthrol yn y boblogaeth o fewn y ganrif ddiwethaf, oherwydd ei borthladd byd-eang, dinas a gafwyd statws yn 1905, daeth y brifddinas yn 1955, ac ers y 1990au, mae Caerdydd wedi gweld datblygiad sylweddol, ar ôl y dirywiad y porthladd diwydiannol ym Mae Caerdydd.

Cardiff Caerdydd
Wales Cymru
United Kingdom Deyrnas Unedig

Population: 521,711 (2013)
– Rank
— in province: 1st
— in country: 9th

Area: 54.20 sq mi
– Rank
— in province: 3rd
— in country: 14th

Density: 9,626/sq mi (2013)
– Rank
— in province: 1st
— in country: 11th

Unemployment Rate: 3.70% (2014)
– Rank
— in province: 4th
— in country: 36th



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