UK: Salford Is…

Salford, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

vortex manchester



Salford is
the rain striking the terraces stacked in brown brick and wind
blowing through the Pendleton underpass as you hustle
your way to the new Tesco.

It is Neolithic arrowheads
extracted from Kersal Moor and poetry nights and whisky at the
King’s Arms. It is painted barges on the Bridgewater Canal or
a Sunday saunter through Worsley Woods.

Salford is
the rink of pink ice outside the town hall at Christmas; the docks
transfigured; two fat-breasted pigeons flying over the jagged peaks of
St John’s Cathedral on Chapel Street.

It is Mr Engels on foot to
The Crescent for a pleasant pint where he will hold forth on the
future of the working class and the Irwellian revival of
freshwater shrimp.

Of note is tonight’s full frost moon
the Quays,
where high rise apartments
transform the Salford skyline
into a little Manhattan.



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