US: Waldo Tomosky – As I Wandered: Archibald, Pennsylvania

Archibald, Pennsylvania, United States


Archibald Pothole

I had been in the Scranton, Pennsylvania area less than a year and had already seen several advancements in coal mining. There are all sorts of machinery that they use to extract the coal from this good earth. Maybe we can talk about that some day.

I was lucky to have hopped off the train in Scranton while I was on my wanderings out of New York City. Lucky for two reasons; first – – – I found a job right away as a railroad dick, and second – – – there were so many things to see out here in the hinterlands of the United States.

This picture shows another miracle. Not a manmade one like the Starucca Viaduct but one made by God or whoever is running the show here on earth.

This is a pothole made during the ice age. It is thirty-eight feet deep and…

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