US: Waldo Tomosky – As I Wandered: Lanesboro, Pennsylvania

Lanesboro, Pennsylvania, United States


Starucca Viaduct

I had spent my first summer, fall and winter in Scranton. My pocket was full of money.

Someone told me about one of the wonders of the world; The Starucca Viaduct.

I just had to see it.

I bummed a ride in the caboose of a train heading for the Susquehanna, Pennsylvania railroad yard. They did a lot of railroad engine and car repair work there.

It was also the home of Joseph Smith and the Mormon religion – – – but I will save that for another time.

When I reached Susquehanna I still could not see the Starucca Viaduct. I was told that I had a two mile hike to Lanesboro if I wanted to see the viaduct. So I hiked.

I took the normal route – – – up and over the hill. The people were very friendly when I asked for directions.

The viaduct was, well…

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