US: Waldo Tomosky – As I Wandered: Scranton, Pennsylvania

Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States




This series is going to be a bit different; and to some of you – – – repetitive.

Allow me to explain.

I became all upset, discombobulated, disquieted and some may even say deranged. It was all about something that occurred between WordPress and one of my blogs. But we will leave that subject as a lover’s spat and will not bother rehashing it all over again.

So when WordPress did that awful thing to me I said – – – well – – – there are other fish in the ocean. I decided to become intimate with another software blog site.

It was glorious!

I blogged it until I could blog no more. And it whispered sweet nothings in my ear. It told me about people in Russia and Korea and Argentina and many other places that were interested in my blogging moves.

But alas. There was…

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