South Africa

South Africa – a country situated around the southernmost point of Africa. It formerly had a system of apartheid which ended in 1994 upon Nelson Mandela’s presidency. However, despite this, South Africa has transformed itself in the 21st century, with a bustling tourism industry, and the world-famous Springbok international rugby union team. The country was formerly a colony of the Netherlands, then of the United Kingdom, until finally being recognised as an independent country along with Australia, Canada and New Zealand in the Statute of Westminster 1931. South Africa Republic of South Africa
– Country –

Capital City: Bloemfontein • Cape Town • Pretoria
Largest Cities: Johannesburg • Cape Town • Durban • Port Elizabeth • East London

– Official: Afrikaans • English • Ndebele • Sotho • Swazi • Tsonga • Tswana • Venda • Xhosa • Zulu
– Most Spoken: Zulu (23%) • Xhosa (16%) • Afrikaans (14%) • English (10%) • Sotho (9%)

Population: 52,981,991 (2013)
– Rank:
— in continent: 3rd
— in world: 25th

Area: 471,443 sq mi
– Rank:
— in continent: 8th
— in world: 25th

Density: 112/sq mi
– Rank:
— in world: 169th

— Name: South African Rand
— Abbreviation: ZAR (Zuid-Afrikaanse Rand)
— Sign: R – rand, ¢ – cent


2 thoughts on “South Africa

  1. Naturally as a South African I would come to this page, it does sadden me to know that the only thing South Africa is known for is the “former system of apartheid, and the great Nelson Mandela who stopped it” Don’t get me wrong, I get that it was a big deal but surely we have more to offer world history than mass racism? We have a great rugby and cricket team, our climate is amazing, GOLD… sooo many things. But alas. Anyways, thanx for the follow, I do think your blog is quite awesome 🙂 Will definitely be sticking around.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I am extremely sorry that I have not represented South Africa fairly and I will resolve this issue. Thank you very much for following my blog and I love the posts on your blog. Regards,

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