Ireland – a country located on the southern and central parts of the island of Ireland, sharing a land border with the United Kingdom. It gained independence from the UK in 1922 as became known as the Irish Free State.

Ireland Republic of Ireland
– Country –

Capital City: Dublin
Largest Cities: Dublin • Cork • Galway • Limerick • Waterford

– Official: Irish • English
– Most Spoken: English • Polish • Irish • French • German

Population: 4,588,252 (2012)
– Rank
— in continent: 25th
— in world: 122nd

Area: 27,133 sq mi
– Rank
— in continent: 21st
— in world: 120th

Density: 169.1 sq mi
– Rank:
— in continent: 33rd
— in world: 147th

Median Age: 34.7 years (2010)

Democracy Index: 8.56

Unemployment Rate: 13.5% (2010)


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